angel. ~rough draft~

LDA #$07
STA $0200
LDA #$07/2
STA $0201
LDA #I'm going to kill my sister.
LDA $Whoa, really? Are you sure you want to do that?
LDA #Of course.
LDA $Are you sure there isn't another way?
LDA #Of course.
LDA #First of all, you're a talking sword. People use swords to kill, don't they?
LDA #Second of all, talking fucking swords don't god damn exist. You must be a product of my mental trauma right? Can't you just reach into my memories and feel how I felt when she raped me?
LDA $Rape? Are you sure it wasn't just sisterly love? People are into that you know.
LDA #Excuse me?
LDA #I'm gonna bang you against a bunch of bricks so god damn hard even the finest smiths couldn't bring your edge back.
LDA #Where did that blue haired bitch go? I'm gonna tell her I want a replacement.
LDA $Okay okay, I get it. Miss Mizuiro doesn't give weapons to just anyone...
LDA $Your trauma is valid.
LDA $It's just...
LDA $Murder...? I want to make sure you're certain about this.
LDA #Again, you're a sword. What else would I use you for?
LDA $I think you're misunderstanding my purpose...
LDA #Besides, wouldn't "Miss Mizuiro" giving me this be a sign that I've been pretty certain?
LDA $Not necessarily...
LDA $Desires are not always concious ones.
LDA $Your soul can wish for something without your brain realizing.
LDA #Soul? Give me a break.
LDA $Heh... Well you had enough of one to spark intrigue in Miss Mizuiro.
LDA $So, where is this rapey sister of yours now?
LDA #Don't say that like it's a cute joke. And for that matter, she's done more to me than that.
LDA #I singled it out earlier because I wish you to feel the worst thing she's done to me. ...Because you annoy me.
LDA #She's out with her friends, probably drinking of course.
LDA #Every Friday she would do this.
LDA #Well other days on rare occasions but Friday's were guaranteed.
LDA #She would stumble home and sneak into my room barely concious and...
LDA #Mmmm...
LDA #You know, now that I think about it I don't think you and I are very unlike.
LDA $Hmm? How so?
LDA #We are both tools after all.
LDA #You a blade,
LDA #And me...
LDA #A sex toy.

I could've killed her with any old knife, my own hands really. And it would have felt nice to choke her out. But an an angel had appeared before me. The sword called her the Mizuiro Shinigami, a taller woman with bright blue hair, a jacket with no shirt under it, and dress pants to match. Perhaps most striking about her was the rose sticking out of her eye. When she handed me the blade...
Not a weapon to kill. You could've killed her with any old knife, your own hands really. This is a weapon to cut ties.
Your body is bound, bound by family. Traumatic experiences within that rope draws it tighter on your body. Usually these ties are nothing more than rope to connect but your sister has wrapped this rope around you countless times. Not on accident of course, this is a purposeful shibari pattern.
Do you think it has to be this way?
I can see the bondage marks on you, that rope is so tight its about to cut your skin.
This blade will cut those ties for you.
I'm not here to save you.
This comes at a cost,
and you have to be the one to kill her.
Could you do it?
Could I do it...
I hate stories that try to paint revenge as a fruitless endeavour. Of course its foolish to obsess over it, obsessing over anything is.
But everything comes at a cost.
The cost of her abuse is her life.
I'm going to kill my sister.